Meet Rago Foot, a London based multifaceted artist pushing boundaries through design and music.

How did you get into design?

It derived from my interest in skateboarding- attending my local skate park (Skaterham) at an early age, I crossed paths with a shop owner who produces his own skateboards, t-shirts and other products.


He showed me how to source products, screen print t-shirts and all kinds of stuff. He also gave me dead stock allowing me to paint and print on them myself.


I didn’t really understand at that point but that was my first exposure to design and understanding how to create a brand and build something.


What are some of your influences?

A big influence when I was young was the Streets original pirate material; the slogan of 'original pirate material' and being a pirate, the skull and crossbones. There are so many brands in the skateboarding world who have used a skull. That was kind of like the incubation period for design in my life.

I want to do comics as well- my dad was a comic book illustrator. He worked for Marvel at one point and they'd send him screen proofs from Stan Lee and he had to get them made up into screens and print the pages.


Was cannabis a topic of discussion in your household?

My family said to me throughout my whole childhood 'don't do drugs. Don't do. Don't do. Don't do, to a certain point where it affected me to do, to try. I'm quite a rebellious character as it is so it was just like... ite.

Full interview out on YouTube.