High Brick - How Do You Spend Your Green?

We linked up with High Brick, a content creator and weed enthusiast to see how he spends his green, here's how it went down...

The Clockwork Cros Studio Tour

Meet Clockwork Cros, an NY based surrealist artist. We tour his studio to discuss the essence of his curated art pieces, cannabis use and NFTs.

EP1: The Future of Weed in New York

In this episode, Rounders delve into the future possibilities of New York's cannabis industry and it's contribution to the rest of the world, with new emerging opportunities appearing, consumers, government bodies and the general public deserve to experience the legal market. Full interview transcripts of guests found in community.

HowTo | Weed Brownies & Muffins

Chef Carlos demonstrates how to make homemade cannabis-infused brownies and muffins.