Meet Lonny the Street Lawyer, criminal attorney and founder of Street Lawyer Services, a cannabis marketing brand that offers top quality.

How did you start SLS and do you still offer lawyer services?


Street Lawyer Services is a cannabis company that caught on because of the logo, the women and the vibe we create. We want everyone in the community, everyone’s welcome. We lent the brand that was the radio personality/criminal attorney (Lonny the Street Lawyer) to the cannabis company, thats how we got into this. We were gifting weed, we’re still gifting weed selling ‘legal coupons’ in my law office in DC. Now there’s no law portion except helping with the expungement of cases.


We’re trying to spread the love everywhere we can including Europe because the brand is all about the people, inclusion through social equity and provision of top quality and service, always. Cannabis for self care so we want to create dope and hip experiences available for everyone.


There’s no serious long term plan, it’s just a journey going step by step having fun, I don’t do this for the money.


What inspired your recent expansion to New York?


I want to grow, I want this thing to be big, more hype, more fun, to explore life in this world and continue building a team like tapping in and with meeting you guys.


What’s been one of your most interesting cases? 


I won’t get into the full details but being a criminal defence attorney isn’t all like ‘cool drug dealer shit,’ there’s really ugly stuff that happens especially on a federal level. Federal drug cases are no joke bro, people go down! ‘Ten year mandatory no problem.’ It’s not fun getting a case like that when people go down. That happens, not to everyone of course but if you get a case, they didn’t literally pick your client’s name out of a hat you feel me, there’s something going on…


What’s your advice for cannabis advocates in London?


Get some powerful celebrities on your side who are down with weed, I feel that’d be a good route for publicity and spreading a message, just like in the US. It’s a big celebrity thing because a lot of them smoke weed nowadays.

Check out 'The Future of Cannabis in New York' starring Lonny the Street Lawyer on YouTube.