Meet Bothaina Salehmarketing maven and founder of Like a Lady, a lifestyle brand that offers custom forms of luxury consumption.

What was the motive behind starting “High Like a Lady”? 


I started doing this because I lived in New York so at the time I still couldn’t go to a dispensary to buy weed so when I went to LA I would buy it in bulk and bring it back for myself. Every time I walked into a dispensary, they were assholes or unhelpful and I don’t know if this is just because I’m an anxious person but each time I would always feel a little bit of anxiety thinking that they will be so judgemental because I have so many questions, so I resulted in just saying I want to buy weed that makes me feel this way. 


As women do when we want something, and it doesn’t exist we just do it ourselves because that’s what we are used too. The other side of it was also because buying from men was never an exciting experience for me because I never knew what was in the products and having to travel to them or go outside when they come to you sucked. I figured buying from a women would be so much better, as a woman going to a business owned by another women feels like you are being taken care of in a lot of ways, you know that your product was built by someone with very similar needs to you.


As a woman I’m not always just looking to get high, I’m looking to feel something. I do this by hand so when I’m putting it together, I’m thinking about the person who’s going to consume it. This concept doesn’t exist much in the weed space, this is very explicit. I always ask people how they want to feel straight away and then curate something for them according to their needs. I talk to my customers a little bit about their requirements, why they smoke and when they want to smoke for example, I won’t give someone something super strong if they are going to be at work. It’s all about customisation baby! 


Where would you like to take your brand? 


I would like to see Like a Lady set the tone for what good lifestyle branding in the cannabis space means. I think one of the things that the weed space is missing is good branding everything looks like it was made by the same two designers because up until recently we were only catering to stoners because they were the only ones that went out of their way to buy legally. One of my dreams for High Like a Lady is a branded joint case, all my orders come in designed packaging rather than a baggy because I like to think of Like a Lady as a luxury brand, you are coming to me for an experience so therefore you are willing to pay a premium for it.


I don’t necessarily want to cater to everybody because I know not everyone smokes that way, some people are more causal and passive about it. The sky-high dream I have for Like a Lady is to partner with something that is considered a luxury brand in any other space and collaborate with them on something like a costumed joint case. I want to do something with Dolce and Gabbana and have a product that has their name on the same piece because then we will no longer look at weed as only existing in one corner. I want to try and normalise marijuana so that we can take it to other spaces.

Check out 'The Future of Cannabis in New York' starring Like a Lady on YouTube.