Meet Jammer, a veteran rapper and producer of the London grime scene associated with crew, Boy Better Know (BBK) and also the founder of 'Lord of the Mics' grime clash series.

How did cannabis come into your life?

Just in my lifestyle, I come from a Rastafarian background so growing up my family was heavily into reggae- my uncles and parents smoked cannabis so I'd seen that naturally in my surroundings and culture.

Listening to music and smoking was how the relationship came about. My friend would get album and we'll just sit down and listen, so when it came to making music weed has always been a part of that process.


What information should be available for young cannabis users?

The information I'm referring to is things like weed psychosis, you can go down that path if you don't how to balance your weed and what weed your smoking and what weed's good for you physically and mentally.


I know some people just think weed is weed but thats not the case, there's different types of weed, different strains and it'll do things physically and mentally to you. It doesn't mean you shouldn't smoke it, but know what your consuming when your consuming it and know the effects that it'd possibly have on you.


Whats your favourite strain?

Cali-Po or Zkittlez.

Full interview out now on YouTube.