Meet Jah$tar, a Philadelphia-born musical prodigy with an alternative yet unorthodox approach to his sound.

Backwoods or Papers?


It depends on how I’m feeling, me and my girlfriend like, if we in the mood we like we want a backwood, we just wanna smoke a wood right now but sometimes it’s papers, rolling papers preserve the weed.


Did anyone teach you music?


A lot of shit I had to do was self knowledge, a lot of shit was, okay Jah, how the fuck you gonna do this or learn to do this. That’s why I say fuck school. Self knowledge is better than anything. In school all you gotta do is listen, but are you really listening though?

What was it like growing up in Philadelphia?


It was cool, so many different ways of life. I dun met so many different ethnicities, I grew up with Haitians, Africans, Asians, Hispanics. I'm from the North East so there’s a whole bunch of ethnicities up there.


What’s next for Jah$tar?


Star Society.