Meet Jade Laurice, a London based artist and influencer who expresses her creativity through art, poetry, personal styling and her clothing line @pocalondon.

What inspires your style?


My style is inspired by unusual looking people. I've always walked down the street and seen people that look diverse and unique- like I find big noses and big ears interesting and watching cartoons, I love anime.



How does weed come into your life?


I feel like it comes in my life in and out, when I get creative blocks or when someone else introduces it but I don't really choose to smoke, but if it's there I'll catch a vibe. 



What do you hope to do with your art?

I haven't even had a solo exhibition yet so I feel like that's this years goal but its so nerve wracking to imagine everyone is in that room for me because my anxiety would go crazy, but I feel like you have to overcome these things and do things your scared of especially 2021, I'm trying to do everything I'm scared of. In the long term I'd love to have my own store.

Full interview out on YouTube.