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Events and initiatives

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  • This week, we interviewed Farah London to discuss her candidacy as Mayor of Croydon and her manifesto to better understand her planned initiatives as Mayor. 

  • 'The thing with cannabis is only the government can legalise it. You do have for example, how the Mayor of London did a cannabis-free day last Saturday, so I do plan to be that advocate to lobby the government and get special permission to do trials in Croydon, whether that’s with cafes or certain things and I do feel I will be successful because if the Mayor of London is able to do cannabis free days, I do feel we will have the power to actually say we want to do a trial, we want to open a cafe, so I will definitely lobby for that because I see the sense and I see why it is important, it just needs a strong leader that’s going to lobby the government.'

Click here for full interview

  • In the UK, a private clinic LVL Health authorised an initial study of pure cannabis for those suffering from chronic pain. The trial ’Canpain,’ will begin with 100 patients with plans to scale to a bigger experiment of 5,000 adults between ages 18 to 85, and will run for the next three years. This study will develop data to allow deeper analysis of the effects of cannabis on patients. Cannabis prescriptions for patients are a last resort for the NHS due to the cost of issuing medication and the relative inefficient evidence to support cannabis use in medicine. Simultaneously, some patients have stressed the benefits of cannabis in assisting with anxiety, pain and nausea and a need for better accessibility. This trial is a push in the right direction to emphasise the value of cannabis in medicine and reduce the data gap, allowing medical experts and policy makers to make better informed decision.

  • Croatia have recently opened their first cannabis museum, 400m2 in their capital, Zagreb across a police station, with aims to educate the public about the plant. The museum offers cultural exhibits featuring high tunes and stoner movies as well as a wholesome approach to the history of cannabis consumption. Admission is free for individuals working in health and agriculture sectors responsible for regulating cannabis- the admission ticket can also be rolled and smoked so you can worry less about leaving your papers packs at home.

  • California is a leading state in marijuana legislation, and Hall of Flowers is an event set to amplify California's hub of cannabis. Hall of Flowers is delivering an experience that elevates the cannabis industry to “a new level of cultural significance” on May 4-5, 2022, in Palm springs. Hall of Flowers is a licensed, industry only highly curated B2B trade show. The first day is open to cannabis brands, businesses and retail buyers to network and sample their premium products to some of the largest dispensaries and smaller dispensary owners. Day 2 comprises a similar set-up but this time opens its doors to the broader industry with ticket prices standing at $750.

  • Malawi's exit strategy for tobacco cultivation is looking like it may be cannabis. Economic survival is critical for Malawi and expressing interest in cannabis cultivation can be a big game changer for Africa as a whole. In South Africa, officials have begun a plan for a so-called “cannabis hub” the focus will be medical cannabis cultivation and phytoremediation. This move will be influential on surrounding regions. China has been one of the main investors in the African continent for regenerations and roadwork over the past century but as cannabis reform is off the political agenda for China and remain strict on punishemnt for possession we doubt they will show much interest in the emerging global market but on the other hand the West is all eyes and ears. The high price of product in the regulated market across some areas of Europe discourage consumers from purchasing legal product but a strong African cannabis market will contrubite to bringing this cost down similarly with tobacco. Cannabis reform is spreading like wild fire across the globe and is a force not to be played with. 

High Tunes

Bakar - Runaway

Bakar’s debut album ‘Nobody’s Home’ explores conflicts in identity, the relationship with himself and others, particularly his love. He talks about his mission to reclaim his home and rights, but my question for Bakar seeing as home is wherever you make it is, where is home? 


Peggy Gou, OHHYUK - Nabi

An electronic jam with smooth Korean vocals that touch on the feeling of walking away from a love turned hate.


D Wizz - Smoke Season

A bass driven production reminiscent of D Wizz’s past life and new flex.



Future slays a nostalgic beat with an effortless cadence.


Hardrock - Hardcore Drugs

This song sounds like an out of body experience.

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