Meet Emily Nkanga, a photographer and filmmaker known for her documentation on various artists within music industry.


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How did your relationship with weed begin?

I would say it was a product of my environment. It's everywhere. People like to act like its not everywhere but it like everywhere and you have the opportunity to try it or not try it. In university my friends introduced me to it.

Has weed ever been a topic in your household?

No, my family don't know that I smoke. I think this is the first time actually talking about smoking.

When do you prefer to smoke?

Personally, I don't smoke for work because it makes me very relaxed and sometimes that's not the mood that I want to be in. I want to be able to talk to people and give them a more vibrant energy. But I would say just like anything other thing that has been legalised, it's in taking it responsibly and we can't say that it doesn't help with anxiety- when I have a bad day and I come back and I smoke I feel calmer, I feel more relaxed. But, yeah just like alcohol, like any other thing people take, take it responsibly.

What advice do you have for stoners worldwide?

I would say that people should take it with intent. If you take it with intent then it's more likely to benefit what you're trying to do as opposed to just taking it and abusing it and then... That's when people say it's not good, it makes you do this, makes you... I dunno. You know, that's so crazy, I don't know what the bad things are, what does it make people do? Cos I don't see nobody going crazy, I don't see nobody acting irrational. Maybe it's my circle but, if you do it with intent, if you can tell yourself no, I don't need to smoke I've smoked enough, I don't need to smoke some more. I don't think it's that much of a stronger drug- why is alcohol legalised? I mean there's stronger drugs out there like heroin, psychedelics and all of that that I would understand that should be contained but weed is just weed man.

When was your first glimpse into the higher potential of cannabis?

I went to Amsterdam once and I got the opportunity to do it publicly for the first time in the cafe. I had some Cali Kush and it was really nice. I hope one day people realise that a lot of money can be made from it and just the way they say drink responsibly you can just tell people smoke responsibly and that would be enough caution.