Introduce yourselves and tell us about Dank Deluxx! 

Elucero- Well me, Storm and our other boy Djon all went to High School together and we have always been friends since Freshman year. Throughout high school, I met my fiancé and one day we were just watching a weed video on YouTube and she was like “I could do this because I know about photosynthesis” and I’m like “alright, let’s fucking do it” so we bought a tent, bought a light, got some seeds, planted it and I’ve just been addicted since. 

Storm- He was the scientist, I was the hustler. We all hustled actually in high school. We were all selling bud. I remember times you used to have to get bud from uptown like all the way up to Washington Heights just to have the loud pack and then bring it back to the burbs, you know it was a struggle. We have been here since the struggle, it was either Ami, Sour or Haze there weren't really many strains out there. If you were young in the game hustlin then you know wassup, that’s where we came from. Selling two for 15’s, 3 for 20 and now we are growing our own shit and making our own strains. We are just doing our thing, we came up from the bottom and now we are tryna give yall flavours, bring the dispensaries, the culture and let them know wassup, let them know we are here. We are also minorities in the mix. 

Meet Dank Deluxx, a New Jersey based cannabis cultivation brand with over 10 year experience cultivating top-shelf cannabis

Elucero- Yeah we definitely want to stand out from all the big money coming into the market right now, we want to show that we have been a part of this since the beginning and like I said 99% chance if you live in Jersey you smoked our shit. Right now we are entering the legal game which is our home state and we plan on taking it to every state. We want to spread the culture and show everyone what it’s really like to smoke good weed and not have to worry about mass-produced garbage. 

Storm- They just are giving people bud out here and they don’t even know wassup. We also give people knowledge.

Elucero- We have a programme that we are going to implement a structure where we are gonna take young adults from the community, teach them how to grow and even take it as far as building their own companies. I like to think that the rising tide raises all ships so why just keep it to yourself, there’s enough money in this for everyone. 

Storm- These kids don’t just have to rely on us or big companies. 

Both say simultaneously- The best thing you can teach a kid is to rely on themselves. 


Storm- They are going to be independent, be their own boss and know what it is to grow good weed and go through it from the bottom.



Do you guys know any London slang or weed terms? 

Elucero- I know this isn’t London but it’s your side of the world, in Amsterdam, they named a type of weed “Cali” because it’s supposed to be from California and be the best. 

Storm- Yeah! They say that’s that “Cali” I know yall say “fam” too. 

Elucero- I don’t really know anything about bud over there man, we are just in our own little world. You know how Americans are. 

Storm- I definitely want to go to London and check it out, I know you guys are smoking cheese, but I like the culture and music scene too. 

Halfway through the third member of DankDeluxx joined the interview- Dajon 

Dajon- I’m Dajon, I’m like an onion or a cake, I’ve got a lot of layers. 


Tell us more about the black market and that transition into the legal market

Elu- Balancing the two has definitely been a transition, when you are in the black market you don’t have to worry about regulations and dealing with the state. If you don’t have that set by the time the legal market hits then you are way behind. Getting into the legal market hasn’t been hard for us, probably for most people it has been hard to get in but we have been fortunate enough to beat the curb. 


Storm- Yeah we had good lawyers and planned stuff out. It definitely was a process that's for sure because when you are doing it illegally it’s all those things that make you scared and nervous. 

Dajon- No one is trying to go to jail for three years. 

What do you guys do with leftover stuff that you have or that isn’t suitable to use? 


Elucero- 40% of the mass is created from the plant because usually, it just stems, and we can’t use that in our capacity, as far as we know we just grow weed and that’s it and it’s a shame to have to throw it away but we are forced to because if anyone else sees that we could be in trouble. 


Storm- Yeah we can’t put our stems in the trash as someone could see that and pull us up on it. 

Dajon- As much as I would like to, I can't get a charge for trying to save the earth. 

Storm- We would love to donate it to a company that made biodegradable cans, they should be doing that or making clothes with it at least or papers. If there was a company for those things I would. 


What’s been the craziest encounter you guys have had during the job? 

Our story is that we met up in high school and we all came from different places and connected. I was sleeping over at Dajons house as a young buck just selling weed, E was on a different level he had his own whip already. We all hustled. When we started growing that was the next level, selling the weed wasn’t as hard. I’m pretty sure we all had our own situations with the cops or sketchy people. 

Dajon- I’m proud to say I’ve only been robbed one time and they came back the next day with the money so I don’t know if it counts. I got robbed for a day. 

Storm- I remember getting robbed. It sucked. I was living in Jersey City but I was going to school with them in the burbs, so it was a little different around my area- it had its pros and cons. For them they were in the burbs so when I would go to Dajons house and chill we had to be more cautious about the weed because it was the burbs but when they would come to my crib we would just blaze up because the cops didn’t really care. Getting robbed sucked and having the crib run down but it all came with selling and growing weed. Thank god we have never slipped up though and stayed on our toes. It’s probably our area that has more crazy stories than us. 

Elucero- We have had to deal with violence and guns in our area. 

Dajon- But that took the attention of us. 

Elucero- Yeah we used it as a cover-up. 

Storm- Yep you gotta move smart. In the hood area it’s easier because no one gonna gives a fuck about weed there are bigger things to deal with but at the same time, it’s that whole sketchy environment. 

Elucero- And that in a nutshell is what illegality has done to cannabis in America. It’s not like we didn’t want to be a part of society, we still wanted to contribute and pay our taxes, we want this to uplift our communities and all they gotta do is allow us to do it. 


Storm- Yeah we want to uplift other minorities, other young adults that are interested in weed and are like damn I wanna grow but they can’t because they aren’t sure who to speak to or they can’t find anyone that looks like them, speaks the same language or had a similar upbringing. 


What’s the growing process like? Can you give us a little bit of insight? 

Elucero- You have to take a lot of care, you gotta have a passion for it. If you haven’t smoked the plant a day in your life or even for a few days, you probably won’t be as passionate about it but you have to know what people like and then work on that. As for the process there’s a lot of care involved in that, they are just babies and they are very delicate and then when they get older they are a lot bigger and they take a beating. Growing indoors and growing outdoors are two different processes, growing outdoors here in Jersey we get one season to grow outdoors but you are using the sun which is free but when you are growing indoors you don’t have any sun so you have to provide your own sun which can get expensive when you are buying lights that are about 1000 watts each and it’s not just one light that you need so it gets expensive but that’s when you get a quality product. There are pros and cons to each side but depending on your environment you go with what you like we have done both, we deal with what we got and we get it done that’s always the way we have been. 

Storm- That’s how you have to be, when you are doing it from a young you just have to make it happen but definitely indoors is easier just overall and mindset wise you don’t have to worry about people looking at the crop, it’s more peaceful. 

Dajon- We are all about quality, we want to have the best shit because when it comes to marijuana the consumers know their stuff. 

Storm- Yes, we want to give them the gas and be like yo this is that pack, this is that Dank Deluxx that you should be smoking and definitely with some Rounders papers! 

Dajon- The ones that are getting sold out are the highest THC levels so you have to come correct. 

Storm- Overall growing indoors is better for everything. 

Elucero- It is better quality and that’s what we strive for is a better quality product for everybody and we want to provide the best cannabis that we can provide, that’s our goal. 

Dajon- We are putting our name on that shit, I can’t show my family some stuff I grew and he says it’s garbage then I can’t show my face around them. I’m not going to get invited to the thanksgiving dinner. 

Storm- I can’t give my cousins a pack and the shit inside is trash! That’s a no-no. 

Elucero- That’s another thing about being a minority is that we don’t really have money from past generations. I’m the first generation here so I have to provide that opportunity for my family and I’m sure a lot of us do too, we are very ambitious. 

Storm- We really started this from the bottom. Just us and a dub. We really came up and said nah nobody else just us, just the squad right here. Now we are getting our licence and we want to show the world.

Dajon- We are like Wu-tang, each person got a job. We could have made it by ourselves but we are better together. 

Storm- We are bros so why not, we have known each other since high school so we have all been hustling since kids too. 

Elucero- It was meant to be. 


Storm- It felt like that too when the product was done, when our first plant was done it was like damn this is it and we were going crazy, smoking it and it felt good. It’s like no other feeling. 


How does Jersey know you are ready for the legal market? 

Storm- I feel like in my opinion, it won’t be that different in the legal market because this is where we come from so we are already used to serving a lot of bud and people giving us feedback. The feedback from your cousins and your boys is honest because they would definitely let you know if your stuff is whack. Not only that but we have high standards too, we aren't coming from a commercial point of view, we know what’s up with gas, and we know what’s quality because we have been through all types of packs. We started out as kids smoking trash and as you get older you get better weed so we have high standards. 

Elucero- We have ten years' worth of feedback so that’s how I know we are ready, we have been doing this for a very long time and we know what people want. We know how to do this on a commercial scale and we are going to take it even bigger than just our state alone. I’m 100% confident that’s what we are going to do. 

Dajon- In a lot of ways I think it will be a little easier too because I remember when there were electrical problems, water problems and then you have to learn how to fix it or find someone that you trust to come and fix it. 

Elucero- We all had to become electricians during this process. 

Dajon- Yes, you could put something in somewhere and the whole place could go off. 

Storm- We are like “Oh shit what are we doing, what the fuck they are gonna call the landlord” and we have plants hahaha. 

Elucero- We are growers, we are electricians, we are irrigation experts. We are everything. 

Storm- That’s what happens when you are learning from scratch. 

Dajon- So now in the legal market, I can actually call a professional, someone who knows what fuck they are doing hahaha. Both markets definitely have their pros and cons though. 

Storm- We are definitely ready and this is something meant for us to take to the next level like come on we have been doing this since we were 16, we know about bud! We knew about spots back in the day where you could only grab fire, Jersey used to have trash weed, you had to know where to get your fire from, only certain hoods in Jersey had fire so it’s like damn we are dinosaurs in this in a way. 

Elucero- Yep young dinosaurs! 

Storm- Young OG’s man, 

Elucero- I wouldn’t have it any other way man. 


Storm- Me too, I’m pretty sure we all agree. We wouldn’t have it any other way and we are definitely ready to take it to the next level.