Meet Alex Stone, a cannabis & hemp consultant, founder of Stone & The Family Co based in New Jersey, Somerset offering branding and social equity services.

Backwoods or Papers?


Backwoods are hard to roll. I only learnt how to roll cos I was selling weed 10 years before I was smoking it. I was in Jamaica and I ran out of dutchies which is what I was use to smoking back then. I eventually found packs of backwoods, thats when I learned to roll em. 


Rolling a backwood is pretty similar to rolling grabba leaf, kinda like paper. You gotta take your time, manipulate and massage it but blunts are a little more forgiving than papers- for me, its that ‘bite’ you get when smoking the wood, so I can’t just put it down to smoke papers.


Has anyone in your family had a negative stance on cannabis?


My father played professional football and he kinda sold me on like weed is not for athletes, ‘cos I had to get that scholarship first. If you smoke forever life passes you by, so I started smoking in college and realised everyone is smoking weed there’s nothing wrong with smoking weed- the problem is in anything you can see addictive personality come out, so like gambling, working out, workaholics, people can work too much. It’s the addictive personality that’s the problem, there’s nothing wrong with this plant. 


What problems inspire Stone & the Family Canna Co


What people will sell you on early is weed is a gateway drug, when you smoke it they put crack in it, so I started to dive into avenues where I could fix that issue myself.

I was able to license Stone and the Family Co under another business in California that has a pre roll company- we collaborated on a few products that are on the way.

What's your advice for street dealers using branding to boost their business potential in the UK where cannabis is currently illegal?

Herb is for the people, listen to the people and their true needs when structuring your business.